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  • Atlas (mythology) — In Greek mythology, Atlas (Eng. / æt ləs/ Gk. Ἄτλας) was the primordial Titan who supported the heavens. Atlas was the son of the Titan Iapetus and the Oceanid Asia [Pseudo Apollodorus, Bibliotheke i.2.3.] or Klyménē (Κλυμένη): [Hesiod ( Theogony …   Wikipedia

  • Atlas (disambiguation) — Most things with a name that includes the term Atlas stem directly or indirectly from the mythological character AtlasAtlas may also refer to: Greek mythology * Atlas (mythology), a Titan who bore the spheres of the heavens; inspiring the widely… …   Wikipedia

  • Atlas Van Lines — Infobox Company company name = Atlas Van Lines company company type = Private company slogan = foundation = 1948 location = Evansville, Indiana, USA key people = Michael L. Shaffer, CEO num employees = industry = Moving Storage products = revenue …   Wikipedia

  • Atlas (architecture) — In the European architectural tradition an atlas (also known as a atlant, or atlantid; plural atlantes) [ Aru Az] , Michael Delahunt, [ ArtLex Art Dictionary] , 1996 2008.] is a support… …   Wikipedia

  • Atlas (mitología) — Saltar a navegación, búsqueda Para otros usos de este término, véase Atlas. Estatua romana de Atlas (siglo II). En la mitología griega, Atlas o Atlante (en griego antiguo Ἄτλας, ‘el porta …   Wikipedia Español

  • Atlas — in Greek ↑mythology, one of the Titans (=the first gods who ruled the universe) . After the Titans were defeated by ↑Zeus, Atlas was forced to hold the sky on his shoulders forever. In art, however, Atlas is usually shown holding the world on his …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • atlas — /at leuhs/, n., pl. atlases for 1 3, atlantes /at lan teez/ for 5. 1. a bound collection of maps. 2. a bound volume of charts, plates, or tables illustrating any subject. 3. Anat. the first cervical vertebra, which supports the head. 4. a size of …   Universalium

  • Atlas — /at leuhs/, n., pl. Atlases for 2, 4. 1. Class. Myth. a Titan, son of Iapetus and brother of Prometheus and Epimetheus, condemned to support the sky on his shoulders: identified by the ancients with the Atlas Mountains. 2. a person who supports a …   Universalium

  • Atlas Shrugged — This article is about the novel. For the film adaptation, see Atlas Shrugged: Part I. Atlas Shrugged   …   Wikipedia

  • Atlas — An atlas is a collection of maps, typically of Earth or a region of Earth, but there are atlases of the other planets (and their satellites) in the solar system. Atlases have traditionally been bound into book form, but today many atlases are in… …   Wikipedia

  • Atlas (moon) — Infobox Planet name = Atlas caption = Photo from Cassini taken 12 June 2007, showing Atlas as seen from above its south pole bgcolour = #a0ffa0 discovery = yes discoverer = Terrile, Voyager 1 discovered = October, 1980 orbit ref =cite journal |… …   Wikipedia

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